Déjà vu?

Are you a female influencer or digital entrepreneur struggling with work/life balance?

Do you cram your days full of exciting meetings, videos to film, posts to write, must-attend events and so much more — only to realise after a few weeks that you’re not invincible after all?

Perhaps you’ve already tried to tone down the workaholic in you, and change your routine to make life a little more manageable. But your own advice is the hardest to take. You’re caught in a never-ending cycle of tiredness. You feel constantly exhausted, anxious and stressed-out by your to-do list. You’re ticking off your career goals, but at what cost? Your personal life is suffering…

My name is Elsa Razborsek and I help driven businesswomen, just like you, look, feel, and perform their best through strategic self-care. If you're interested in optimising your health and lifestyle to achieve more with less stress and greater joie de vivre, then click the button below and let’s talk!


My goal is to help you stay strong and energised, both mentally and physically, even in the midst of stress!