The Missing Half Of Productivity Advice

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“Really? They must be joking!”, I told to my husband. I couldn’t believe the results of a survey I ran among my network before returning from maternity leave.

The overwhelming majority of women in my tribe said that the number one thing they want  to learn from me is time management and productivity. Here are just a few of the comments I received:

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Clearly women were craving a different kind of productivity advice -- one that came from a feminine perspective. 

The problem was that my mantra at the time was: “I used to be very productive, then I had kids!” 

I was the midst of planning my business relaunch after one year of maternity leave, and I felt far from productive let alone capable of giving anyone time management advice.

Then it dawned on me... 

My reaction was a symptom of the very condition I see plaguing most of us women: we chronically minimise our accomplishments, fail to give ourselves credit for our talents, and feel guilty on a daily basis for all the things that we are not doing!

Is it any wonder then, that so many of us report low levels of self-worth and struggle to charge the rates we really desire and deserve for our services?

While it's true that I haven't been working 60-80 hour weeks like I used to in my corporate days, I have been raising two small daughters in a foreign country for the past 5 years while building my online business -- and that is plenty!

I believe that we must redefine what productivity and success mean from a feminine perspective, instead of trying to fit into a masculine model that makes us feel inadequate and like we’re constantly falling behind.

To do this, we must embrace our femininity fully and completely.

Most of us driven, ambitious women tend to disconnect from our femininity. In our pursuit of success we often take on a more masculine role without realising it.

Many of us have completely forgotten the pleasure and power that come from activating our 'feminine essence because of the negative messages we’ve received from society about the feminine.

Message #1: The masculine is more productive than the feminine.

Since women entered the workforce alongside men, we took on this idea that “when a woman enters a man’s world, she’s expected to act more like a man”.

As a result, many of us started focusing on furthering our careers vs. fostering our relationships. We started valuing logic more than emotions. And we’ve placed all our attention on achieving outcomes at the expense of making the process beautiful and enjoyable.

This drains us, disconnects us from our true desires as women, and is simply not sustainable.

Message #2: The feminine holds you back.

Many of us were implicitly or explicitly told that being feminine is superficial and shallow. Be honest... Have you ever judged a very feminine woman as weaker and ditzy?

As modern women, we don’t want to be perceived as “damsels in distress”, so we swing the pendulum far in the opposite direction.

We toughen-up and push ourselves to be successful...And, in the process, we deny our deepest, feminine desires for beauty, love and protection.

There’s also this perception in our society that the feminine can be manipulative. So many of us grow up to believe that if we fully express our femininity, we won’t be taken serious and achieve the success we want!

Message #3: It’s dangerous to be feminine.

We’ve all heard of (if not experienced) traumatic situations of rape, childhood sexual abuse, and attracting unwanted sexual attention from men.

As a result, many of us have linked our feminine beauty and sexuality with being hurt and taken advantage of.

However, the opposite is true: to be safe in this world as a woman, we must own our sexuality in a healthy way!

With these negative messages deeply anchored in our subconscious mind, no wonder so many of us have disowned our femininity!

But, as women, we will never “out-male” men. So if we want true equality and sustainable success, we must re-engage with our intrinsic feminine power. That is the key to feminine high performance. That is the secret to accomplishing more with less stress and more joie de vivre.

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Elsa Razborsek is a biological engineer turned wellness consultant and entrepreneur. She is an expert at helping businesswomen stay healthy under stress through strategic self-care with a French touch. If you're interested in optimising your health and lifestyle to achieve more with less stress and greater joie de vivre, then definitely reach-out and request a free wellness assessment today.